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Our Mission

The purpose of the Self-Initiated Living Options, Inc. is to enable people with disabilities of Suffolk County, New York to gain effective control and direction of their lives. SILO advocates and promotes a growing sense of personal dignity and responsible community participation through training, community development and direct services responsive to the needs of the people.
Adopted August 3, 1998.


Examples of what SILO has done to help
people in our community 

A 40 year old single mother of four, lost her employment and was faced with homelessness. The family was residing in a shelter in Suffolk County, NY. SILO assisted the family by providing the following services: housing resources, contacting various programs throughout Suffolk County on her behalf. In addition, providing a letter of reference for the client's employment/speaking with the employer, and assisted the family through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday throughout the years.  
Through assistance from SILO, she successfully obtained employment, long-term housing, and assistance during the holidays for her family.

An elderly woman contacted SILO after becoming ill and losing her housing, she was forced to reside with her daughter and son in-law, due to being unable to afford housing on her own. A specialist from the NY Connects program at SILO assisted her in completing housing applications for various apartments through a housing program, as well as applications for affordable housing 55+ complexes.

She is now permanently housed through HUD housing; in her own studio apartment, with a subsidy. 

A male in his mid 50's was placed in a nursing home after his right leg was amputated in 2017.
A Transition Specialist from the Open Doors program met with him and submitted a referral to a housing program. He was approved for the program and moved into his own apartment in 2019. His Transition Specialist utilized SILO’s lending closet for a rollator, shower chair, and scooter to gain independence in his apartment and the community. He also utilized the NY Connects program for assistance with navigating the healthcare system  i.e.: social security benefits, food stamps.
He maintains himself in the community as independently as possible.
​​He maintains monthly case management services and receives a housing subsidy. 

An elderly woman contacted SILO in need of incontinence supplies for her husband who is homebound. She stated they are unable to access the following supplies through insurance: depends, chucks, and liners. She also stated they are in need of food.
Through SILO’s Lending Closet Program, the following items were given: several packs of depends, chucks, and liners. The couple was also educated on Medicare, Medicaid, and services they can access. In addition, items from SILO’s food pantry was also provided to assist the couple.
The woman received the necessary items to continue care for her husband and have him remain independent in the community.
In addition, they received community resources and items from SILO's food pantry. 

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