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Message from the CEO

Joseph M. Delgado
Chief Executive Director

 Welcome to Self-Initiated Living Options, Inc. (SILO)'s website. This website is designed to provide information about SILO and what we do as an organization. Our goal is to provide a website that is comprehensive and fully accessible to all viewers.
Please take the time to browse through our website and view the many programs and services, social activities, events and support groups we currently offer to our participants and the community. You may notice there is a menu dedicated to advocacy projects and issues that might concern people with disabilities and elderly individuals. Our website also offers links to disability-related and aging organizations, business partners, government sites, publications and other related websites.
There is a resounding belief and commitment here at SILO from our Board of Directors and throughout the staff that people with disabilities and elderly individuals should be able to determine their own destinies, participate in all aspects of society and contribute to and share responsibility in community life. It's with this belief that the staff and I make you the following promise:
·  We will continue to enhance and enrich our existing programs and services.
·  We will explore and seek to create new programs and services that will assist people with disabilities and the elderly individuals live independently in their community.
·  We will stay true to our advocacy roots and partner with other community members dedicated to system changes that support our mission to expand opportunities and choices for people with disabilities and elderly individuals.
·  We will continue to prepare and ready our participants to live independently by offering sound educational programs, employment support programs, workshops and forums pertinent to our participant needs.
Please join us on this journey. By standing together united, we will have the ability to move mountains and make those system changes that will bring about a society that is fully accessible and integrated. A society where people are viewed and judged by their abilities and character.

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