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Chief Executive Officer: Joseph M. Delgado

Joseph M. Delgado is the Chief Executive Officer of Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO He is responsible for the overall administration, financial viability and effectiveness of services provided by SILO for those with disabilities, and their families in the Long Island region. He is committed to the development of the organization’s management team and all SILO employees to assure that the organization provides high quality and responsive services to its participants, their families and caregivers. Throughout his career, Joe has been committed to the strategic design and implementation of effective programs to help those who are most vulnerable. He started out in 1979 as a Social Studies teacher for the Rochester School District. In 1990, Joe moved to Long Island to take an administrative position with Eastern Suffolk BOCES. He ended his 33 years’ education career with ESBOCES as a Program Administrator in 2012. In 2013 he was selected by the New York State Department of Education Commissioner for Education to serve a four-year term as a Board Member of the Little Flower Union Free School District. Joe was reappointed in 2017 for another term and currently serves as President of the Board. In 2018 he was appointed by the Board of Regents to serve on the New York State Rehabilitation Council (SRC). He currently serves as the President of the SRC. In 2021 he was appointed to the State- wide Advisory Council on Post-Secondary Education for Students with Disabilities.
Image of Joseph Delgado

Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Brianna Tesoriero, LMSW

Brianna Tesoriero is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) and has been with Suffolk Independent Living Organization, Inc. (SILO) since February 2020. In 2021, Brianna received her Master’s degree in Social Work with a clinical concentration from the University of New England and shortly thereafter obtained her social work license.  She began her journey here at SILO as a Specialist for NY Connects and was then promoted to Director of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Medicaid Waiver. Currently, Brianna holds the position as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SILO where she is responsible for overseeing program operations and quality assurance throughout the organization. When Brianna is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family. She especially loves outdoor activities such as going on hikes and biking nearby trails with her husband, but most of all she loves to travel.  Brianna believes that change happens when people are given the support and guidance necessary to draw on their own strengths and recognize their self-value to live happy, fulfilling lives.
Image of Brianna Tesoriero

Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer: Brian McIlvain

Brian McIlvain started at Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) in 2013. The majority of his professional career includes assisting families with the review and development of documentation to support a transmittal form for eligibility determination for the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities – OPWDD and an application for Supplemental Security Income with Social Security Administration while coordinating job coaching & benefits advisement services with the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR). Brian feels very fortunate to have collaborated with perhaps thousands of families and colleagues representing school districts and adult agencies for the past forty plus years. Brian is a proud graduate of SUNY Oswego – Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology, Millersville University – Master of Education Industrial Technology, Dowling College – Professional Diploma in School District Education and Cornell University, School of Industrial & Labor Relations – Program on Employment & Disability Training.
Image of Brian McIlvain

Assistant to the CEO for Pathway to Wellness and

Director of the Peer Integration Program: Kim Bjorklund, LCSW

Kim Bjorklund started her career at Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) in July of 2017 as an Information & Assistance Specialist for the    NY Connects Program. She is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and is a certified field supervisor for college level social work student interns (SiFi certified 2017). Since she began her career at SILO, Kim has created an ever expanding internship program, a holiday program to assist families in need, and was elevated to Director of the Peer Integration Program in 2019. Kim works incredibly hard for all of the participants SILO serves and is looking forward to further expanding SILO’s services with a new counseling center that will be opening in the near future.
Image of Kim Bjorklund

Chief Community Engagement Officer/ Board Clerk: Laurie Delgado

Laurie started her "third career," as she calls it, as a volunteer at SILO. Her first career entailed raising her son, Bill. She was a class mother during his years in elementary school, a baseball coach during his little league years and a driver during his high school years. Driving him to all those games, sporting events and teenage social functions. Her second career as an educator, entailed working as school secretary, para educator and teacher. She left education to join her husband, Joe, at SILO. Laurie's volunteer work prepared her to work as an Outreach Specialist for the newly formed NY Connects program at SILO. She then became a Coordinator of Special Projects, a Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships, and now holds the title of Chief Community Engagement Officer. Laurie is responsible for the organizing, planning and implementation of all aspects of SILO events, such as the ADA celebration, SILO conferences and any workshops made available to the public. She is charged with connecting SILO with government offices and community leaders. She is also responsible for any other initiative that involves developing partnerships with businesses, community agencies, houses of faith and professional organizations.
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Chief Communications Officer: Jill Cuyar

Jill Cuyar started working at Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) in the Regional Resource Development Center for the NHTD Waiver Program in 2016 and has since worked in the Housing Department and NY Connects department prior to becoming Chief Communications Officer. Jill has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in English from CUNY Hunter College, and has a background in Case Management, as well as Online Marketing. She is responsible for developing, writing and editing marketing and communications material, including press releases, email marketing and social media content. She ensures that all communications and marketing material aligns with SILO standards. As Director of Communications, Jill is tasked with responding to media inquiries and performing media outreach to achieve brand placement in publications. A significant part of this role is to ensure that the organization’s culture, values and beliefs are visible throughout our public presence.​
Image of Jill Cuyar

Finance Manager: Karina Renaldo

Karina Renaldo started as an Intern in the Human Resources Department at Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) in 2018. She interned at SILO while obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Farmingdale State College. She graduated from Farmingdale State College in 2018. The same day she finished her last final at Farmingdale State College, she began her career at SILO as the Administrative Assistant for the NHTD Waiver Program. Karina was promoted to a Regional Resource Development Specialist in 2019 for the NHTD Waiver Program, where she reviewed service plans for all the participants in the Long Island Region. In 2022, Karina was promoted to the Billing Supervisor for SILO. As the Billing Supervisor, she is responsible for tracking grant expenditures, purchasing, inventory, billing, and reporting to the state. In her free time, Karina enjoys kayaking and traveling to new places.
Image of Karina Renaldo

Director of Information Technology: Oscar Salgado, MSW

Oscar joined Suffolk Independent Living Organization in January of 2017 as a TBI Waiver Specialist after obtaining his Master’s degree in Social Welfare from Stony Brook University. Oscar was then promoted to the Director of the Opportunity Youth Career Exploration and Access (OYCEA) program under a year grant assisting the youth population with exploring career options, resume building, mock interviews, financial literacy, etc. Oscar is currently obtaining his second Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – Network and Security. Currently, Oscar is the Director of IT for SILO and is responsible for a variety of tasks: planning and implementation of additions, deletions, and major modifications to supporting SILO’s infrastructure and network security. With that being said, he also develops upgrades to the company's telephone system at the building level, oversees the administration and maintenance of computer stations, software, databases and multi-media equipment for SILO's operational structure, and the Assistive Technology Laboratory. Oscar provides additional support where necessary to include bilingual English-Spanish assistance. Oscar Salgado is a veteran of the US Army as a Cannon Crew Member – Parachutist. While active duty he deployed overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Oscar then became a member of the US Army Reserves having worked under the Military Intelligence sector.
Image of Oscar Salgado

Director of Independent Living Services & NY Connects: Amy Menditto, LMSW

Amy Menditto, LMSW, is the Independent Living Director and Program Director for NY Connects at Suffolk’s Independent Living Organization. Inc. NY Connects at SILO develops and implements informational materials and procedures to educate the public, community groups, policymakers, etc., and increases awareness regarding the NY Connects Program, especially as it pertains to long-term care, services and support. As the Independent Living Director, she holds a strong commitment to promoting and advocating for the full integration of individuals with disabilities. In 2019, she created a partnership with Long Island Cares and Island Harvest starting the Food Pantry at SILO and is currently a Certified Opioid Overdose Prevention Trainer. Amy has also coordinated and executed The NYS Department of Labor Opportunity Youth Career Exploration & Access (OYCEA) Grant. SILO’s mission was to empower young adults to reach their full potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. She implemented and facilitated three different workshops geared for student’s needs and cognitive ability for the students at BOCES. A highlight was the coordination of the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council and Seaman Neck BOCES Academy 300 preventing gang membership. Amy began her career at SILO in 2015 as a Transition Specialist for the Open Doors Transition Center and a year later promoted as the Regional Lead Transition Coordinator.
Image of Amy Menditto

Assistant Director of NY Connects and Food Pantry Coordinator: Maria Patellaro

Maria has been with NY Connects since December of 2018, starting as the program’s Administrative Assistant while also helping to build and maintain the Lending Closet program and on expanding SILO's Food Pantry. Maria was promoted to Assistant Director of NY Connects and is also now the Food Pantry Coordinator. In addition to her experience at SILO, Maria has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Long Island University.
Image of Maria Patellaro

Project Coordinator for Disability Vaccine Access Opportunity Center and Westchester Institute for Human Development Innovative Tech in Housing Initiative (WIHD) and Public Education & Outreach- NY Connects: Alberta Galdi, FDC

Alberta has worked in Human Services for over 40 years, in very diverse programs from mental health, housing, community outreach and program development. She is now the coordinator for the Disability Vaccine Access Opportunity Grant, which ensures equitable access to vaccines and booster shots for people with disabilities, as well as the Westchester Institute for Human Development Innovative Tech in Housing Initiative (WIHD) grant. WIHD is a 3-year project that ensures the availability of enabling and/or assistive technology for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) in order to promote and support independent living. Alberta is a recipient of the Award for Excellence from the Foundation for Human Potential. Her tenure here at SILO, for the past 5 years, has produced an expansion of her advocacy for the most marginalized groups of people within our community, that SILO serves. She is rooted in solution based options, in shared power/partnership, and promoting an empowered and interdependent lifestyle for people with different abilities-Including Loving Kindness. 
Image of Alberta Galdi

Director of Open Doors Program: Kelly-Rae Douglas

Kelly-Rae Douglas started her career with SILO as an Administrative Assistant with the NY Connects Program in 2017. From that point, her passion for Human Services & Advocacy only continued to grow as she moved into various positions within the organization, leading to her current position as Open Doors Program Director. Kelly-Rae is also a leadership member of LI-CAN, a not for profit that brings community members, organizations & agencies together to work with political leadership towards systemic change on various issues within our communities.
Image of Kelly-Rae Douglas

Director of Housing Programs: Nicole Bunay

Nicole has been with Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) since the beginning of 2019, starting as a Housing Specialist with the Rapid Transition Housing Program prior to being promoted to Assistant Director of Housing Programs, and then to her current position, Director of Housing Programs. Nicole has her Bachelor’s Degree in Science Technology and Society- Health and Wellness, with a concentration in Psychology, from Farmingdale State College. She has a love for people and animals alike, so when she is not identifying housing and facilitating moves, she is spending time with her golden retriever, Paisley.
Image of Nicole Bunay

Director of the Regional Resource Development Center: Dawn Nodar

Dawn Nodar joined the SILO team in 2016 as the TBI Administrative Assistant. During her time at SILO, Dawn held several positions within different departments which eventually lead her back to the TBI Waiver in the position of Director. Dawn has since been promoted to the Director of the Regional Resource Development Center, which provides administration for both NHTD and TBI waiver programs.  Dawn earned her Bachelors of Science degree in business at St. John’s University in 1995 and her Masters of Arts degree in Education at Grand Canyon University in 2012.
Image of Dawn Nodar

Assistant Director of Open Doors: Maria Vanegas

Maria Vanegas graduated from Stony Brook University with her Bachelors in Psychology. Maria started working with Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO)  as of January 2021 as a Housing Specialist with the Olmstead Housing Subsidy Program. Maria then joined the Open Doors Transition Center as a Transitional Specialist, and is now the Assistant Director. Maria also translates for various departments within SILO assisting with phone calls, intakes, and more for our Spanish-speaking participants. If Maria is not at SILO, you will find her hand crafting at home, spending time with her loved ones, or exploring the outdoors. She is looking forward to continuing to advocate for individuals in need of community resources and assisting them to create a life of independence for themselves.

Peer Coordinator- Open Doors: Brandon Heinrich

Brandon was born blind with no chance of recovering his vision. He spent the first nine years of his academic life in the public schools but found he was not getting everything he needed from them, due to the absences of state of the art technology, and their lack of education on inclusivity. Brandon then went to a High School for the blind, which proved to serve him much better. Brandon took some time off and began Suffolk Community College in 2015. Brandon began working as a Peer Advocate for SILO’s Peer Outreach Program in 2021 and has since been promoted to Peer Supervisor due to his dedication to the community. He now spends his time advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, including the right for them to live in the community, have safe and reliable transportation, and otherwise live a normal and independent life.

Assistant Director of Housing: Taciana Cheriel

Taciana has been with Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) since November 2020, starting as a Housing Specialist with the Rapid Transition Housing Program prior to being promoted to Assistant Director of Housing Programs. Taciana has her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Nassau Community College and Bachelors Degree in Criminology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Taciana enjoys spending time with family/friends and decorating for small events in her free time.

Lead TBI RRDS: Kelly Koerner

Kelly Koerner started working at Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) in the Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC) for the TBI Waiver Program as the TBI Administrative Assistant in 2018. Kelly has been promoted within the RRDC as a Regional Resource Specialist, Assistant Director of The TBI & NHTD Medicaid Waiver Program, and now holds the title of Lead TBI RRDS.

Lead NHTD RRDS: Audra Messineo

Audra began her career at SILO as a Regional Resource Development Specialist in 2021 for the NHTD and TBI Waiver Programs. In 2023, Audra was promoted to the Lead of the NHTD Waiver Program. Audra received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Therapy in 2008, and Masters of Science Degree in Education in 2013 from C.W. Post Long Island University. She has dedicated 15 years to working with children and adults with disabilities in various degrees and is excited to be able to continue to help individuals maintain their independence in the community. In her spare time Audra enjoys spending time with her family, friends and Cavapoo, Penny.
Image of Brandon Heinrich
Image of Taciana Cheriel
Image of Kelly Koerner

Director of the TRAID Program: Ryan Criscione

Ryan began her career at SILO in 2020 as the Administrative Assistant for the NHTD Waiver Program. Ryan was promoted to a Regional Resource Development Specialist in 2021 for the NHTD Waiver Program, where she reviewed Initial Service Plans for all the participants in the Long Island Region. In 2022, Ryan was promoted to the Lead of the NHTD Waiver Program, and in 2023, promoted to director of the TRAID program. She is excited to be able to help people with disabilities flourish in the community. In her spare time Ryan enjoys spending time with her family, animals and playing with special effects makeup.

Director of the Empowerment Advocacy Department: Marilyn Tucci

Marilyn Tucci has been working at SILO since 2007, providing essential support to individuals with disabilities through peer counseling, advocacy, support groups and providing information and referrals. She has a long history of passionately advocating for those with disabilities in the community, earning numerous awards and recognition for her contributions in various areas. Marilyn can be found with her trusted guide dog, Hedwig by her side as she actively advocates each day to resolve ongoing community accessibility concerns and empower those around her.
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