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The New Beacon
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SILO Administration

Joseph M. Delgado Chief Executive Officer
Felicia Fiano Director Human Resources /Lead Administrative Assistant
Brian McIlvain Director Benefit, Employment and Transition Center
Amy Menditto Director SILO's NY Connects
Michelle Darling-Downs Director Open Doors Program
Nicole Polidoro Director Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver
Deborah Warinner Director Nursing Home Transition Diversion Waiver
Lori Corrar Director Olmstead Housing Subsidy

SILO Board of Directors

President MaryAnn Sciacca
Vice President Patrick Mitchell
Secretary Geraldine DePersio
Member Roderick Smith
Member Donald Gomez
Member Bernie Ferracane
Member Dawn Cookler
Member Krista Giannak

Dr. Rich Morfopoulos needs a kidney