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Vocational Rehabilitation

Employment and Incentives for People With Disabilities

Individuals are provided with the following services:

SILO assists consumers to build or re-vamp their resumes, improve job search techniques, and find out how to maintain essential benefits while they work.

  • Pre-Employment:

    • Individuals are provided application assistance, review of records, and support for acquiring the necessary documentation to be considered for eligibility with ACCES-VR, CBVH, OPWDD, OMH. This service includes making sure the consumer is registered with the local One-Stop Center, and other community services necessary for successful employment.

  • Work Readiness:

    • Individuals are provided with soft training skills in preparation for employment. Training includes, career exploration, people skills, working with a team, personal appearance, use of appropriate language, work place behaviors, understanding the culture of the work environment, preparing a resume, getting motivated to work and strategies for maintaining employment.

  • Job Development Service:

    • Individual are assisted with the necessary skills to participate, to the best of their abilities, with the job search process. Individuals are trained on completing the job application, job seeking, interviewing, and job retention skills. Individuals are provided transportation training, resume writing, interviewing skills, and membership in SILO’s Job Hunt Club. SILO will assist the individual with the completion of required paperwork with the employer.

  • Supported Employment Services and Retention Services:

    • Individuals are provided onsite contact, support while learning the job and supervision at the worksite. Activities may include, but are not limited to; teaching basic job tasks, assistance integrating into the work environment or adjusting to changes in the work environment. We will also provide supports due to changes in job duties. SILO extends its services for consultation to the family and residential provider. During the implantation phase of the service, SILO will continue ongoing contact with the individual and/or employer to ensure continued job satisfaction and positive employment outcomes.

A payment voucher from ACCES VR needs to be provided or there is a Fee for Services for Employment and Transitional Services. Sliding Scale applies to consumers only, or a family member applying on behalf of an individual with a disability.