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Clean-Up After a Disaster

Suffolk Independent Living Organization has collected and compiled a series of videos presenting vital recovery messages for families with a person who has a disability They are divided up by categories to easily find pertinent information for you or your loved ones needs after an emergency.

Food Safety

Flood Clean-Up Safety

Eradicating Mold and Mildew

Home Recovery Checklist

Household Debris Disposal

Reentering Your Damaged Home

Temp. Roof Repair Blue Roof Program

Installing a Blue Roof

Flood Damaged Home: Introduction Part 1

Where to Start Part 2

Tools and Equipment Part 3

Cleaning After the Flood Part 4

How To Remove Flooring Part 5

Basement Work Part 6

How to Efficiently Remove Waste Part 7

How to Separate Waste Part 8

Beware of Crooked Contractors

How to Spot a Dishonest Contractor

Returning After: Inspecting Home Part 1

Entering for the First Time Part 2

Electrical Issues Part 3

Mechanical Systems Part 4

Dry Before Rebuilding Part 5

Dr. Rich Morfopoulos needs a kidney