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For more information about this program, call us at (631)880-7929

Open Doors Transition Center

Flyer, photo of elderlry woman in wheelchair with aide behind her with her arm around her. Flyer says, the Open Doors Program helps people move from institutions, like nursing homes and intermediate care facilities, to a home in the community. Our transition specialists will help you transition back into the community with the supports and services you need for successful independent living. SILO LOGO. For more information call 631-880-7929

Open Doors Peer Support Program

NYAIL's Open Doors Peer Support Program is designed to offer people who are considering or in the process of transitioning one-on-one support through the process by individuals who have lived the experience. These peers are willing to share their stories and real-world experience that demonstrates people with disabilities can and do live successfully in the community.


Nicole Johnson

631-880-7929 x143

The Good Neighbor Program

The Good Neighbor Program is designed to assist individuals residing in nursing homes to return to the community. It can fill crucial gaps in an individuals’ support network. Neighbors are paid to provide support and backup care to assist individuals returning to living in their communities. In addition, Neighbors serve a role in breaking down social isolation and building engagement within the community. Social activity, building neighborly relationships and independent community living play important roles in health and happiness.

The Good Neighbor Program is part of the Open Doors program funded through the NYS Department of Health Money Follows the Person Program.

contact the Good Neighbor Program Director, Josephine Todaro via email at or phone 518-465-4650.

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