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Disability Vaccination Access Opportunity Center

Contact NY Connects: 631-730-3737

SILO was awarded the Disability Vaccination Access Opportunity Center grant to assist Long Islanders who are the most marginalized with barriers that prevent them from maintaining their accessibility to health care- namely the Pandemic, that truly isolated people who are too sick or cannot leave their homes, etc.
Through our outreach, public education and collaborating with the Department of Health to provide in-home vaccines in both Suffolk and Nassau County, NY Connects makes the complete referral and advocates for the consumer.

DVAO flyer that says: We can help you get your Covid 19 Vaccination and Booster Shots. Calling Long Islanders. Have a disability? Homebound? Transportation issues? Are you or someone you know struggling to get the Covid 19 Vaccine or booster? Let us help you overcome any barriers to getting vaccinated. SILO- We are a disability vaccine access opportunity center 631 730-3737. Image with graphic of sunshine and vaccine vial, SILO logo.
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