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Advocacy and Self-Determination

Individuals with disabilities are provided support as they attain skills to speak up and make decisions for themselves. The program educates individuals on how to access and obtain services they deserve in their daily lives and communities. SILO assists with voter registration. We collaborate with government officials and government offices to bring about community and system change. 


JOIN OUR TEAM!!!! Come to the next Transportation Committee meeting
and become part of advocating for more accessibility and laws and government
funding to reflect the needs of people with disabilities. For more information
on how you can get involved, call Marilyn Tucci at 631.880.7929 x125 or
email her at

Self-Initiated Living Options, Inc. facilitates a TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE that meets once a month. Its committee members range from county officials, social workers and our partners at other community agencies. The committee reaches out to political entities and at times attends local government meetings when it can lend a relevant point of view from a person with a disability’s perspective, and asks for laws to reflect the needs of the disability community. The committee advocates for safety, accessibility and affordability. The committee works to educate the public and our consumers on the use of the transit system, which includes both Fixed-Route and Para Transit systems.

Do you have difficulty getting into your favorite restaurant or clothing store?

Do you find yourself in dangerous situations on public sidewalks and crosswalks?

Do you see neglected sidewalks and curb cuts or non-talking traffic signals?

Do you have trouble accessing local government buildings? 

Have you ever been denied access to a building with your service dog?

Join BARRIER BUSTERS and help us make Suffolk County accessible for everyone.

Ramp going into public transport bus

Barrier Busters is a volunteer advocacy group focused on removing barriers which prevent people with disabilities from accessing the community.

Contact Justin at SILO for more information
(631) 880-7929


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